International Workshop on Geospatial and Cartographic Education: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities 2019

The ICA Commission on Education and Training will organize an international workshop on "Geospatial and Cartographic Education – Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities" at Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, Wednesday 10 July to Friday 12 July 2019. The workshop is co-organized by Capital Normal University, and supported by Cartography and GIS Committee of CSGPC, Education and Outreach Committee of CAGIS, and Beijing Geographic Society. This is scheduled to allow for attendees to travel on to the 29th International Cartographic Conference in Tokyo, Japan, the following week.

A Big Thank You to All Participants of the Workshop for Your Great Contributions!

Group Photo in the First Day Morning

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(updated on June 9, 2019 to celebrate the 60th Birthday of the International Cartographic Association)
(workshop photos updated on July 13, 2019. The presentations will be available on the commission website soon.)

Wednesday, July 10, Lobby
Registration, 02:00pm-05:00pm
Morning, Thursday, July 11, Multi-function Room
Arrival & Coffee, 08:30am-09:00am
S1: Education in GIS and Cartography, 09:00am - 09:40am
Session Chair: Tao Wang
S1-1: Welcome and introduction to CET 2019
David Fairbairn, Newcastle University
S1-2: Welcome and introduction to CNU GIS
Xiaojuan Li, Capital Normal University
S2: Programme Development and Experiences, 10:00am - 11:20am
Session Chair: David Fairbairn
S2-1: Experiences of a new English language MSc programme in cartography
László Zentai and Gábor Gercsák, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University
S2-2: Online geospatial education in American public schools
Yongqin Zhang, Delta State University
S2-3: Application of geographic information technology in regional geography teaching practice of middle school
Zhihong Gu and Yanmei Li, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences
Afternoon, Thursday, July 11, Multi-function Room
S3: Working with the Real World, 2:00pm - 3:20pm
Session Chair: Haowen Yan
S3-1: Accreditation of cartographic education
David Fairbairn, Newcastle University
S3-2: Ensuring relevance of geospatial and cartographic education for industry – what do employers want from graduates in cartography and GIS
Shaojun Li, SuperMap Software Co.
S3-3: The international MSc cartography
Georg Gartner, Technical University Vienna
S4: Body of Knowledge, 3:30pm-5:00pm
Session Chair: Georg Gartner
S4-1: Strategies to achieve a balanced body of knowledge for cartography
Harold Moellering, Ohio State University
S4-2: Open Discussion
Moderator: Georg Gartner, Technical University Vienna
Morning, Friday, July 12, Multi-function Room
S5: Classroom Content and Methods, 09:00am - 10:00am
Session Chair: Wei Luo
S5-1: Teaching orienteering maps: a perfect example of for user-driven cartography
Laszlo Zentai, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University
S5-2: Realization and promotion of geography core literacy in GIS teaching practice
Yunqian Chen, Beijing National Day School, and Sheng Chang, Beijing Etown Academy
S5-3: Let the students do it--strategies used in teaching cartography
Haowen Yan, Lanzhou Jiaotong University
S6: Educational Concepts, 10:10am - 11:30am
Session Chair: Laszlo Zentai
S6-1: The value of “Paper-and-Pencil” in the digital era
Wei Luo, Northern Illinois University
S6-2: Development of an OBE-based practical and innovative GIS talent training system incorporating both science and engineering
Jianghong Zhao, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
S6-3: A GIS approach to teaching human geography
Richard Greene, Capital Normal University
S6-4: Wrap-up
David Fairbairn, Newcastle University
Afternoon, Friday, July 12
T1: Technical Visit, 02:00pm-04:00pm
T1-1: Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Center, Ministry of Natural Resources of P.R.China

+ Workshop Co-chairs


  • Summer Palace in 1880s.
  • Forbidden City in 1860s.
  • Beijing and Surroundings in 1900s.
  • West of Forbidden City in 1910s.
  • 奥地利、比利时、捷克、丹麦、爱沙尼亚、芬兰、法国、德国、希腊、匈牙利、冰岛、意大利、拉脱维亚、立陶宛、卢森堡、马耳他、荷兰、波兰、葡萄牙、斯洛伐克、斯洛文尼亚、西班牙、瑞典、瑞士、俄罗斯、英国、爱尔兰、塞浦路斯、保加利亚、罗马尼亚、乌克兰、塞尔维亚、克罗地亚、波黑、黑山、马其顿、阿尔巴尼亚、摩纳哥、白俄罗斯、美国、加拿大、巴西、墨西哥、阿根廷、智利、澳大利亚、新西兰、韩国、日本、新加坡、文莱、阿联酋和卡塔尔。